27.06.2018 :: Mitgliederversammlung

Wir bedanken uns für Eure Unterstützung:: more

23.03.2018 :: DLRV auf der RPC 2018

Die Vorbreitungen laufen auf Hochtouren.Auch in diesem Jahr sind wir auf der RPC in Köln.Auf der vom DLRV e.V. organisierten Fläche werden Vereine, Orga-Gruppen, Händler und Hersteller den Besuchern einen umfassenden Einblick in...:: more

04.03.2018 :: LARPwerker Convention 2018

Eine tolle Messe, nicht nur für die Besucher:: more


DLRV – Deutscher Liverollenspiel-Verband e.V.

The German Liveroleplaying Asociation is a lobby of Liveroleplayers in Germany. In the first instance, the network of DLRV offers a communiation platform for players, organization teams and clubs. The main aim is to bring different ideas and events together and give the possibilty to create new gaming concepts and ideas.
The association sees itself as a public organ for giving information to people who are interested in LARP (short for: Live Action Role Playing). To give outstanders an impression of what LARP is there are shows at fairs, brochures for beginners and information about the next project and plays.

To make it possible to make an exchange between German Players, there is almost every year a big conference called MittelPunkt. They take place in different places of Germany. Almost 100 participants take part at this event every year. Lots of foreign guests take part at the large variety of offered programs, Mini-LARPS and discussions all about the topic Live Action Role Playing. Furthermore MittelPunkt works as a platform for unions and campaigns to let meetings take part every year. MittelPunkt is also the event for giving out F.R.E.D. – an award for excellent development, trendsetting and innovative roleplays in Germany.

Together with its members, the Deutsche Liverollenspiel Verband e.V. works on forming LARP more popular, more interesting and more innovtive.