27.06.2018 :: Mitgliederversammlung

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23.03.2018 :: DLRV auf der RPC 2018

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04.03.2018 :: LARPwerker Convention 2018

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What is LARP?

How can I participate?


Very cool, so first you should know that you cannot ‘just watch’, you must take part actively! Because a lot of fascination of LARP can be transferred through interaction by the following players you have to get into the game, the adventure and to enter the new world.
You will recognize very quickly that the teammates are tolerant, patient and they will help you. Fun is the magical word that brings you into the game safely.
Important questions in the beginning:



You should make up your mind what kind of a role you want to play in the game. It should be something you are able to create on your own or are able to realise in another way. Of course Kunibert the famous Dragonslayer is not the perfect choice, because if you start playing your equipment will not be the best and if you are not a professional actor with fantastic charisma. Characters from books or movies are mostly a quite bad example. Legolas the elf, or Merlin the magician will not be taken seriously. Better start as a farmers boy named John or James who left home to discover the riddles of the big wide world.



Like every hobby, LARP needs special clothes. It helps a lot to get into the role like an actor in a professional way. For the beginning black or brown pirate shirt, cloth trousers in a similar colour makes it much easier to show you follow player who and what you’re trying to be. A tunic fixed with a rope simple leather shoes will do a great job as well. Everybody will recognize, that not everything is in your wardrobe, but easy to get in shops, online or if you want better stuff adapting your body there are more real shops where you can get clothes for this kind of starting into LARP. The internet can also be searched for doing yourself sewing, leatherworking or whatever you want to have. Maybe you have relatives and / or good friends who are quite good at handicraft work; you can ask them if they want to help you. Also organizing people may have a big pool or fund where they can lend you things you do need for a start.


The first LARP

You have thought about your role and what you want to play. The Clothing is more or less complete for this role. Now you have to look for a con (convention) suitable to what you are looking for. On the Internet, there are many calendars and forums, where you can look for events in whole Germany. Suitable for you first start are tavern evenings, special cons for beginners or da LARP that lasts only one day. Of course there are always small clubs, where you can make your first contacts.
Of course there are associations or small groups who may help you for your start. Usually they hold regular  meetings, where you well a lot of answers to all your questions.

How to play

There exist rules like ‘Dragonsys’, ‘Silvermoon’ and others to regulate the real basic stuff. There are also LARPs which follow the ‘you can what you can’. The rule books you get in bookstores, game stores and of course special stores for LARP equipment. Things like magic, healing and so on need to have a basis the you know a few spells (when you decide to play a magical character) and you can react correctly. At the beginning these rules are not that important for you, because you do not have any XP (experience points) yet. For these points you may learn things from other Players or Non-Playing-Characters. At the moment of the con(vention) starts – we call that ‘time-in) it is up to you how you want to react or bring yourself into the land and the game itself. Get in contact with people you maybe don’t even know or starting the plot (the story). And for now: