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23.03.2018 :: DLRV auf der RPC 2018

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04.03.2018 :: LARPwerker Convention 2018

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The campaign Mittellande (Midlands)


Germany’s biggest federation of LARP-Lands

The campaign
More than 120 fictive LARP-Lands created by over 100 associations, orgas and pressure groups build up the Mittellande campaign. All of the play LARP together in a Middle Aged fantasy setting. Each weekend there are many different cons, which create further topics for the living on in the Mittellande. Approx. 20 members founded the Mittellande in the year 1995 with the goal to go LARPing together. Since then the campaign grows every month. To coordinate all the different needs and projects, once a year in January a meeting is held to accommodate new countries to the map and to talk about different topics. The intensity of the lands’ playing together is up to them.

The Lands
In the Mittellande you will find rough barbarian lands, mighty magic kingdoms, highly developed Renaissance Dukedoms, friendly kingdoms and dark tyrannies. Some lands play with a lot of fantasy elements, others orient themselves very strict on historical backgrounds.
On the map of the Mittellande you find the most differing ideas and combinations, everything a LARP player can think of. The different lands are looking forward to get new players, so don’t be shy and talk to them – that is good for your reputation. And btw it is a good possibility to get informed about your new society you want to live in, pretty soon. Living in a land means to follow one aim and to help each other in the chosen background. As a  tip: inform yourself, only with knowing the most important rules gives you a comfortable life.

If you are able to find a suitable background for you, you can create your own land in the Mittellande. Advice and tips you will find on the website of the Mittelland campaign, so just have a look.

The Mittellande is always happy with new players, new energy and new ideas and visions to make the cons more lively and more multifunctional.

More information you will find here

An opportunity to ask questions ist to contact Daniel Rafinski: kampagne(at)