10.03.2019 :: LARPwerker Convention 2019

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01.03.2019 :: Mitgliederversammlung 2019

Einladung 30.März 2019 Jahreshauptversammlung   Liebe Mitglieder,   der Deutsche Liverollenspiel-Verband e.V. lädt Euch am 30. März 2019 zur Jahreshauptversammlung ein. Wie immer gilt, wenn ihr Projekte...:: more

01.03.2019 :: DLRV auf Tour

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Education LARP

LARP in an educational context


LARP is not only a hobby, but is also used in educational and pedagogical context. LARP as a pedagogical method (EDU-LARP = Educational Live Action Role Playing) gives the possibility to transport several learning contents. With the high emotional stimulation of LARP the participants take the content ‘en passant’ and save them immediately in the long-term memory. What happens here is similar to children who watched a 2 hours movie and after that they tell you without any mistakes the whole film. Telling what happened in the last 45 minutes at school is never ever so effective and much harder to deal with.EDU-LARP uses the activity of the learners, whether they are disabled, kids, adults, hard to educate or managers on a special course, to achieve the learning content. The participants have a lot of personal responsibility and want to solve a crime plot on their own. The important information the players get from NPCs like a goblin sitting in the woods and looks for a potion to cure his mother. So if the PC wants to know more maybe the goblin has more information for more benefit of course. By searching the herbs they automatically learn natures rules in the land they are actually in. Also learning and improving mathematics is easy to integrate in LARPs. Imagine a board computer in a spaceship is broken – and the spaceship is going to crash soon. Only a riddle with numbers and difficult arithmetic problems may save them. Languages are even easier to integrate. Simply NPCs who only speak English – or riddles in Latin. Ever solved a riddle in Latin?  Next to the ordinary school subjects, LARP can be used for other goals. Especially teambuilding, improving social skills or the quick adaption to new situations and contexts LARP can easily be used to arrange those skills. EDU-LARP fits perfectly to deal with a large number of fields of knowledge or learning content as well as clear demonstration. In the pedagogic for handicapped people and in the framework of prevention of addiction EDU-LARP give a great possibility to show the learner an easy way to deal with their situation. Sports activities can easily be integrated in LARPs. Take a huge web of a giant spider, which the players have to climb on – or a magical ritual where special dancing steps need to be included. EDU-LARP is a great method for pedagogical work, but nevertheless and more important is the fun everybody has. In the reflection the players will find out what they learned and gained in the last few days.


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