10.03.2019 :: LARPwerker Convention 2019

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01.03.2019 :: Mitgliederversammlung 2019

Einladung 30.März 2019 Jahreshauptversammlung   Liebe Mitglieder,   der Deutsche Liverollenspiel-Verband e.V. lädt Euch am 30. März 2019 zur Jahreshauptversammlung ein. Wie immer gilt, wenn ihr Projekte...:: more

01.03.2019 :: DLRV auf Tour

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What is LiveActionRolePlay?

What is LiveActionRolePlay?


Isn’t it the dream of every woman or man to be one of those action heroes or heroines? Does not everybody was desperate to be a person out of a fairy tale and play their adventures on your own? Or did you never give any tips for the heros on TV like “Don’t take this door, better take the other one…”
The success of many roleplaying games (pen and paper) or computer games base on the principle of your OWN character. You can interactively live and take adventures, solve riddles or even a whole story. LARP is meinly exactly that, the only difference is that you’re not sitting on a sofa or in front of the monitor. You are active in this case and sometimes you have to creep through dirty and dangerous tunnels in old castles. Or how about being a big warrior waiting for the next army of orks and trolls? Maybe your aim is more to be a commander on a spaceship and want to plan the next steps to do. Go with friends on a hunt for ‘Jack the Ripper’ in the 20s … that is all up to you.

So manyfold as real life and the samples out of history, books, films and games, so diversified the settings of LARP are made and played.


Nevertheless – what IS LARP?


LARP is the shorening for Live Action Role Playing and it opens the possibility to take a role of a farmer’s daughter living in a Middle Aged background or a fantasy warrior, hunting bad boys. Over 20 years this hobby is practised in Germany so far. On conventions – so called ‘cons’ – organisers have built extraordinary locations like original castles, old industrial plants with complex built decorations, technical effects and the story working with adepts with fixed roles. They are called NSCs – Non-Player-Characters. Their job is to make setting lively, it is a bit more limited an they cannot take their character for the next con – but NSCs will meet a lot of new people and further friends. In the meanwhile in Germany alone there are more than 600 events are published and differ from about 20 to 5000 persons each. In Europe there are approx. 20.000 to 40.000 LARPers and they are of manifold social classes and different ages. Next to the creative and manual interests (like sewing, tinkering, writing, acting, organising…) one of the most fascinating thing is definitely experiencing the adventure as such. You will be part of an exciting story and it’s up to you, how this story goes on – or simply ends. So it is no wonder that unexpected and surprising actions need to be faced with teamwork, communication and solution determination. This is the main reason why in Denmark over 100.000 kids take part at publically supported LARPs.